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Quick Specs

Net Horsepower

354 HP / 264 kW @ 1900 rpm

Operating Weight

90,610 lb / 41100 kg

Blade Capacity

12.3 yd³ / 9.4 m³ Sigmadozer
12.3 yd³ / 9.4 m³ Semi-U


Top Features

intelligent Machine Control

If you’re not producing, you’re not winning. Komatsu understands this. Our industry-leading intelligent Machine Control dozers deliver improved production with next-generation technology at jobsites worldwide, today. With no pricey and exposed hardware to set up and take down, dozer operators save 30 minutes or more each day that can be plowed back into production. When machines are automatic dozing, rough cut to finish grade, they offer up to 8% more production compared to traditional aftermarket systems. Komatsu’s intelligent Machine control makes every pass count.

Maintenance Made Easy

Daily checks for engine, coolant, powertrain and hydraulics are easily accessible.

The side-by-side wide-core coolers have high cooling capacity and are easy to clean with the hydraulically-driven cooling fan with clean mode. Hinged double radiator doors open wide for convenient access to coolers and fan.

Komatsu Care complementary scheduled maintenance for 3 years / 2000 hours lowers operating costs and assures your investment is protected by a skilled Komatsu certified technician.

The first two KDPF exchanges and two Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank flushes within first 5 years are complimentary to improve your bottom line.

Komtrax Level 5 remote monitoring reports are available to view fuel and DEF consumption, working modes and other "actionable information" for fleet managers. KOMTRAX is standard and has no ongoing costs for the customer.


Operator Friendly and Comfortable Cab

A pressurized and integrated ROPS cab with large windows and rear view monitor improves visibility 360 degrees around the machine.

A standard air suspension seat along with oil-filled cab damper suspension provides a smooth ride with low noise levels.

A high resolution LCD color monitor with pull-down menus enables quick operational adjustments and has enhanced service diagnostics capability.

An auxiliary input allows operator to connect an MP3 player and hear sound through the cab stereo speakers. 2 standard 12V outlets provide power for mobile devices.


Powerful and Fuel Efficient Tier 4 Final Engine

The Komatsu 15.24 liter D155AX-8 Tier 4 Final electronic controlled engine uses a lower exhaust gas recirculation rate, high efficiency combustion chamber and a higher fuel injection pressure to maximum horsepower and engine torque rise.

Komatsu variable Geometry turbocharger (KVGT) with a hydraulic actuator delivers optimum air flow under all speed and load conditions and improves low speed engine response.

The Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) automatically clean the exhaust gas with a high percent of passive regeneration and is basically seamless to the operator.

Use of the KDPF and SCR devices in the exhaust stream allows the engine to be precisely tuned to use less fuel than the prior model.

The Auto-Idle Shutdown function can be activated to further reduce fuel and other operating costs.


Productivity Advantages

Komatsu's exclusive SIGMADOZER blade has a unique shape to reduce digging resistance while providing smooth material roll up thereby increasing production by 15% over a similar sized Semi-U blade.

The Auto-Shift Transmission with Torque Converter Lock-Up increases dozing speed and drawbar pull while reducing fuel consumption by up to 10%.

Manual shift transmission can be selected with a toggle switch for applications such as ripping.

The low drive K-bogie undercarriage maintains constant track on ground for maximum traction when dozing or ripping. The 180 degree wrap of track chain around sprocket eliminates track hop.

The Blade Auto-Pitch function and Ripper Auto-Return functions minimize repetitive lever movements to reduce operator fatigue and increase efficiency.