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Quick Specs

Low Ground Pressure

7.67 psi / 52.9 kPa


Operating Weight: 100,000 lb with winch
Blade Capacity: 9.6 yd3


Operating Weight: 92,820 lb with drawbar
Blade Capacity: 12.9 yd3 (standard) - 15.7 yd3 (with extended spill guard)


Top Features

Powerful and Fuel Efficient Tier 4 Final Engine

The Komatsu 15.24 liter D155PX-8 LGP Tier 4 Final electronic controlled engine uses a lower exhaust gas recirculation rate, high efficiency combustion chamber and a higher fuel injection pressure to maximum horsepower and engine torque rise.

Komatsu variable Geometry turbocharger (KVGT) with a hydraulic actuator delivers optimum air flow under all speed and load conditions and improves low speed engine response.

The Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) automatically clean the exhaust gas with a high percent of passive regeneration and is basically seamless to the operator.

Use of the KDPF and SCR devices in the exhaust stream allows the engine to be precisely tuned to use less fuel than the prior model.

The Auto-Idle Shutdown function can be activated to further reduce fuel and other operating costs.

Productivity Advantages

The Komatsu D155PX-8 LGP Dozer comes with the choice of an Angle or Semi-U blade attachment to accommodate different worksite applications.

New Low Ground Pressure undercarriage is longer and wider for more floatation and better traction in soft ground conditions.

Optional abrasion resistant spec extends wear life of undercarriage and machine components in sandy soil conditions.

Tilt system hydraulics routed inside the push arm protect hoses from debris and extend life.

8.6 Gal/hr Komtrax fleet average fuel consumption is the lowest in its class meaning fewer refills and longer run times.

Increased Capacity and Stability

The exclusive Low Ground Pressure Undercarriage offers track shoes up to 38” wide while reducing ground pressure to 7.67 psi.

The new three position angle blade can move up to 9.6 yd3 of material with up to 9.5 degrees of tilt while the Semi-u Hydraulic Dual Tilt and Pitch blade can move up to 15.7 yd3.

Komatsu’s oval track design lowers the center of gravity compared to high drive tracks. This, along with increased track width and length offer a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Increased operating weight increases towing capacity and traction while maintaining low ground pressures.

Maintenance Made Easy

Daily checks for engine, coolant, powertrain and hydraulics are easily accessible.

The side-by-side wide-core coolers have high cooling capacity and are easy to clean with the hydraulically-driven cooling fan with clean mode. Hinged double radiator doors open wide for convenient access to coolers and fan.

Komatsu Care complementary scheduled maintenance for 3 years / 2000 hours lowers operating costs and assures your investment is protected by a skilled Komatsu certified technician.

The first two KDPF exchanges and two Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank flushes within first 5 years are complimentary to improve your bottom line.

Komtrax Level 5 remote monitoring reports are available to view fuel and DEF consumption, working modes and other "actionable information" for fleet managers. KOMTRAX is standard and has no ongoing costs for the customer.