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Quick Specs

Net Horsepower

Forward: 455 kW / 609 HP @ 1800 rpm
Reverse:  558 kW / 748 HP @ 1800 rpm

D375A-8 Full-U Dozer

Operating Weight: 164,150 lb
Blade Capacity: 28.8 yd3

D375A-8 Semi-U Dozer

Operating Weight: 161,840 lb
Blade Capacity: 24.2 yd3


Top Features

Tier 4 Final Engine

  • The powerful new 23.15 liter Tier 4 Final engine utilizes proven technology to provide a reliable, fuel efficient, emission compliant machine.
  • The Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) improves engine low speed response and boost. Ideal air flow varies depending on engine speed, so the VGT contains a hydraulic actuator that helps control air flow. It is designed to deliver optimum air flow under all speeds and load conditions.
  • The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Cooler reduces the temperature of the exhaust gas. The cooled exhaust gas can be recirculated to decrease combustion temperatures and reduce NOX emissions.
  • The dual Komatsu Diesel Particual Filters (KDPFs) trap soot laden exhaust gas. The trapped soot is generally burned off with passive regeneration and unnoticeable to the operator.
  • The high pressure common rail system delivers pressurized fuel in a precise quantity to the engine combustion chamber. The system is designed to achieve exceptional combustion efficiency which reduces Particulate Matter (PM) and improves fuel consumption.
  • The Komatsu Closed Crankcase Ventilation (KCCV) system captures blow-by gas and recirculates it into the intake system. This eliminates small amounts of gases and oils being emitted into the atmosphere.

Machine Performance

  • The D375A-8 can push more material per shift. While in reverse, engine horsepower increases approximately 20%. This performance boost leads to faster cycle times and increased productivity. As with previous models, the D375A-8 includes a lockup torque converter to achieve exceptional power and fuel consumption.
  • Automatic controls such as auto blade pitch, auto ripper return, and shoe slip control can decrease operator fatigue and increase production.

Ride Comfort and Ergonomics

A well designed cabin and ergonomic controls can improve productivity. The new D375A-8 includes several design enhancements to the undercarriage and operator cabin, some of which are listed below.

  • The equalizer bar and minor bogie have optimized oscillation angles to reduce machine impact.
  • Rubber should pads are located between the equalizer bar and the mainframe to reduce machine vibrations.
  • The viscous cab mounts are three times larger, providing increased cushion and reducing vibrations inside the cabin.
  • The cabin features a new heated/ventilated operator's seat with air suspension and increased cushion thickness.
  • Ergonomic travel and work equipment controls require reduced operator effort. The Palm Command Control System (PCCS) determines machine direction and transmission gear. The new electronic work equipment controls provide quicker response and include toggle buttons to alter blade pitch and ripper angle.

Maintenance/KOMTRAX Plus

  • The D375A-8 features a robust main frame designed to last double the life of the D375A-6.  This is accomplished by embedding the cross bar into the frame, altering the welding process, and increasing frame height.
  • Blade sway was significantly reduced for the D375A-8 by implementing a new blade linkage, increasing blade stiffness, and increasing trunnion size.
  • The D375A-8 is equipped with several features to make maintenance and servicing the dozer quick and efficient.  These features include centralized greasing points, a ground level maintenance center with quick fill couplings for oils and coolants, concentrated sampling points for oil and coolants, a Mesabi radiator with swing-out fan, battery and starter isolator, etc.
  • The D375A-8 also comes equipped with KOMTRAX Plus as its equipment management system.  KOMTRAX Plus enables detailed monitoring of the fleet via satellite and wireless LAN.  Komatsu and distributors can analyze machine health, on site or in remote locations, and provide this information to the site on a near-real time basis.  As a result, customers receive timely machine maintenance, reduced maintenance expenses, prevent downtime costs, and avoid mechanical trouble.

New Look and Cab Design

  • The brand new cab provides additional leg room, an ergonomic work environment, reduced noise levels, and reduced dust accumulation to keep operators productive throughout long shifts.
  • Visibility to the cutting edge and ripper point is improved with this model by altering the blade linkage, ripper arm structure, and fuel tank.
  • Standard features inside the cab include 12V & 24V outlets, Air Conditioning, AM/FM Radio w/ AUX input, High Resolution LCD Monitor, Rearview Camera, and much more.
  • The standard black paint on hood and work equipment reduces machine glare during nighttime operation.