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Quick Specs

Net Horsepower

Forward: 455 kW / 609 HP @ 1800 rpm
Reverse:  558 kW / 748 HP @ 1800 rpm

D375A-8 Full-U Dozer

Operating Weight: 165,656 lb
Blade Capacity: 28.8 yd3

D375A-8 Semi-U Dozer

Operating Weight: 163,340 lb
Blade Capacity: 24.2 yd3


Top Features

Machine Performance

The powerful new Tier 4 Final engine utilizes proven technology to provide a reliable, fuel efficient, and emission compliant machine.  Engine horsepower for the D375A-8 increases approximately 20% while in reverse.  This performance boost yields shorter cycle times for significant productivity gains.

As with previous models, the D375A-8 features a lockup torque converter to achieve exceptional power and fuel consumption. The TORQFLOW, planetary transmission features (3) forward and (3) reverse speeds. The all new electronic control provides operators with an F3 low expanding the dozers capabilities and optimizing machine performance to meet specific applications. The D375A-8 also features automatic and manual gearshift modes to accommodate operator preference.

To reduce operator fatigue and increase operating efficiency, the D375A-8 comes standard with several automatic controls, such as:

  • Blade auto-pitch automatically sets blade pitch positions for digging and dumping.
  • Ripper auto-return automatically raises and stores the ripper when traveling in reverse.
  • Track shoe slip control mode automatically controls engine speed during ripping operation to reduce track shoe slippage.  Repair costs are lowered, undercarriage life is extended, and fuel consumption is reduced with the reduction in track shoe slippage.

Ride Comfort

Komatsu recognizes that operator comfort is key to productivity.  The D375A-8 features significant advances in ride quality by implementing the following design improvements:

  • Increased oscillation angle of the minor bogie
  • Rubber dampers placed between the equalizer bar and mainframe
  • Large viscous cab mounts
  • New heated/ventilated operator's seat with air suspension

Komatsu Quality

The D375A-8 features a robust main frame designed to last double the life of the D375A-6. Komatsu America Corp. is so confident in the new frame design that we are offering a standard 10 yr. / 60,000 hr. (whichever comes first) mainframe warranty* at no additional cost to the customer.
    *Periodic inspections by servicing Komatsu distributor required

The D375A-8 features an all new blade support structure with fewer maintenance points and enhanced visibility to the blade. The trunnion bearings attaching the push group to the track frames are 30% larger and are equipped with replaceable inserts. The new blade support structure combined with the new trunnion interface significantly reduces blade side sway and required maintenance.

The D375A-8 comes standard with several features to improve machine maintenance and serviceability. These items include:

  • Battery and starter isolator with lockout
  • Centralized greasing
  • Centralized pressure diagnostic ports
  • Concentrated sampling points for fluids
  • Fast fuel fill
  • Full walkaround rear platform with handrails and foot barriers
  • Ground level service center with quick fill couplings for fluids
  • Mesabi* radiator with swing-out hydraulically driven fan
  • Relocated AC Condenser to back of cab roof

   *Mesabi radiator is a registered trademark of L&M Radiator

The D375A-8 comes equipped with KOMTRAX Plus as its equipment management system. KOMTRAX Plus enables detailed monitoring of the fleet via satellite and wireless LAN. Komatsu and distributors can analyze machine health, on site or in remote locations, and provide information to the customer on a near-real time basis. As a result, customers can receive timely machine maintenance, reduced maintenance expenses, and reduced downtime costs.

New Look and Cab Design

The D375A-8 has a new look.  Standard black paint on the hood and work equipment reduces machine glare during nighttime operation.

The larger cabin design improves visibility to the blade and ripper, increases leg room, and offers new ergonomic controls.  The new cab also has better seals to reduce noise and dust intrusion.

Standard features inside the cab include the following:

  • 12 & 24V Outlets
  • Air conditioner, with automatic climate control
  • AM/FM radio with AUX input
  • Auto-idle shutdown
  • Cup holder
  • Double windshield wiper
  • EPC work equipment control joysticks
  • Heated/ventilated seat
  • High resolution LCD monitor
  • Hot/cold box
  • Hydraulic pin puller for Giant Variable Ripper
  • Rearview camera
  • Secondary engine shutdown switches
  • Steering console height adjuster
  • Storage box