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Quick Specs

Net Horsepower

168 HP / 125 kW @ 2200 rpm


Operating Weight: 41,094 lb
Blade Capacity: 4.41 yd³


Operating Weight: 43,167 lb
Blade Capacity: 4.98 yd³


Top Features

intelligent Machine Control

intelligent Machine Control machines have the following advantages over dozers with external grade control systems.

Automated operation from rough dozing to finish grade.

New dozing mode, load control performance features.

Standard factory installed integrated system.

No Cables
No coiled cables between machine and blade.

No Climbing
GNSS antenna and mast removed from blade.

No Connections
No daily connections required between machine and blade.

Unrivaled Visibility

Blade visibility never seen before on this size of dozer.

Large, 76 db, pressurized, and integrated ROPS cab moves the operator closer to the blade, greatly improving blade visibility and overall productivity.

Standard rearview monitoring system is convenient for the operator.

Side and rear visibility is unrivaled with new integrated ROPS cab and redesigned tank profiles.

Industry Leading Quality

Optimized engine and hydrostatic pump technology improves operational efficiency and lowers fuel consumption.

Komatsu's approach to meet Tier 4 Final is simple, reliable, and results in a high percentage of passive regeneration, which saves fuel.

Standard PLUS undercarriage, featuring a rotary bushing design, provides longer wear life and lower repair and maintenance costs.

Thick plate steel used on nose and tanks is durable and minimizes machine damage.

Komatsu takes extra care to protect hoses and cylinders and provides a large diameter bolt-on blade ball for long life and simple service.


Well Balanced Performance

Choice of either a power, Economy or new High Engine Rpm, (H) mode allows the operator to optimize performance for the application, increasing overall productivity.

Highest horsepower in its class.

A Choice of variable or Customizable Quickshift modes allows the operator to match the machine travel performance to the application, increasing operator efficiency.

The  Komatsu designed PAT blade had improved durability and has an optimized curvature to roll material to minimize fuel consumption.

Long track-on-ground for a stable foot print and superb grading performance.

New Auto idle shutdown function helps reduce unnecessary machine hours and fuel consumption.


User Friendly and Comfortable

The comfortable heated air-suspension seat increases operator comfort and ergonomic Palm Command Joysticks facilitate smooth operation all day long.

The blade angle switch increases operator comfort.

Low noise, Highly pressurized cab minimizes dust entry making it easier to keep the cab clean.

Large user-friendly color multi-monitor enables fast, accurate viewing of operational functions and can store multiple operator preferences. Standard rear view monitoring system can be synchronized with reverse operation.


Easy Maintenance KOMTRAX

Easy planned maintenance with the technician in mind. Additional SCR components are now included with complimentary Komatsu CARE.

Side-by-side rear mount coolers are easy to clean with the electronically-controlled hydraulically-driven fan with clean mode. Rear fan swings up for easy periodic access.

Onboard diagnostics integrated with KOMTRAX increases uptime.

Monitor machine utilization, fuel consumption, DEF consumption, working mode selection and load factors.

Analyse monthly trends which provide "actionable information" for fleet managers. KOMTRAX is standard and free for the original owner for the life of the equipment.