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Quick Specs

Net Horsepower

217 HP / 162 kW @ 1950 rpm


Operating Weight: 48,796 lb
Blade Capacity: 5.6 yd³ - 7.3 yd³


Operating Weigh: 51,960 lb
Blade Capacity: 4.8 yd³ - 5.8 yd³


Operating Weight: 51,529 lb
Blade Capacity: 5.8 yd³ - 7.7 yd³


Top Features

Raising the Performance Bar

Same high level of productivity as D65-17 but uses up to 2.5% less fluid. Auto-Shift Transmission with Lock-up Torque Converter lowers fuel consumption and increases fuel efficiency when in lockup.

Tier 4 Final engine uses a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to optimize performance, reduce emissions, and allow the engine to run as efficiently as possible. No operator input is required, just keep the DEF tank filled and put the machine to work.

New auto idle shutdown feature helps reduce non-productive engine idle time and reduces operating costs.

New D65PX-18 arrangement with 14’1” wide power angle tilt blade and 36” wide track shoes for optimum finish grading productivity and great floatation.

Power or Economy modes allow operator to optimize the machine efficiency and performance to match the application.


Industry Leading Quality

Standard PLUS undercarriage features a rotary bushing design, provides longer wear life and lower repair and maintenance costs.

Large-diameter bolt-on blade ball for long life and easy service and strong castings are used in high stress areas for increased durability and strength.

Komatsu designs and manufacturers all major engine and drive train components allowing system harmonization that increase overall efficiencies and performance.

The emissions equipment is designed and optimized specifically for the D65-18. This means it works efficiently and reliably under all operating conditions.

Simple hull structure main frame design increases durability and reduces stress concentration at critical areas.


Well Balanced Performance

New High-horsepower Tier 4 Final Komatsu engine equals more power when you need it.

Komatsu designed 6-way PAT blades expands productivity and versatility in a variety of applications. SIGMADOZER blade provides up to 15% more production compared to the same sized Semi-U blade.
Long track-on-ground for a stable foot print for optimum grading performance.

Choice of Auto Shift or Manual shift mode allows the operator to match the machine performance to the application increasing overall versatility, performance and fuel savings.

Advanced and easy to use onboard diagnostics are integrated with KOMTRAX and woven into Komatsu's Tier 4 Final technology, maximizing uptime.


User Friendly and Comfortable

New Higher resolution color monitor enables fast, accurate viewing of operational information.

Rear view monitoring system is standard for improved operator convenience.

Large, quiet, pressurized and integrated ROPS cab greatly improves visibility and overall productivity.

The fully adjustable air-ride suspension seat with heat increases productivity and ergonomic Palm Command joysticks facilitate smooth operation all day long.

The new Operator Identification System can save custom setting profiles and track machine operation for up to 100 operators.


Easy Maintenance / KOMTRAX

Komatsu CARE, Komatsu's complementary maintenance program provides peace of mind for 3 years/ 2000 hours and lowers O&O costs. For the Tier 4 Final machine, SCR maintenance items are included in the Komatsu CARE program.

The SCR catalyst canister lasts the life of the machine and does not have a scheduled replacement interval.

New side-by-side wide-core coolers have an improved fin design and are easy to clean with the electronically-controlled hydraulically-driven fan with clean mode.

A convenient shovel holder and battery disconnect switch are standard.

With KOMTRAX, which is no cost to the customer, monitors machine utilization, fuel consumption, working modes, DEF consumption, KDPF regeneration and get e-mail notifications of important events.