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Quick Specs

Net Horsepower

148HP / 110 kW at 2000 rpm

Operating Weight

51,127 - 51,745 lb
23190 - 23471 kg

Bucket Capacity

0.66 - 1.57 yd³ / 0.50 - 1.20 m³

Digging Depth

Up to 21'9"/ 6.62 m


Top Features

Hybrid system

  • With integrated motor generator
  • Electric swing motor
  • Capacitor for storing energy

Reduced fuel consumption

Working together, the leading technology Komatsu Hybrid System, Tier 4 Final engine design, and an integrated complete vehicle control system notably reduce fuel consumption.

Fuel consumption

Reduced by up to:
25% / 20% / 7%
(vs PC210LC-10 / vs PC210LC-11 / vs HB215LC-2)
Based on typical work pattern collected via KOMTRAX.

ROPS Cab structure

The machine is equipped with a ROPS cab that conforms to ISO 12117-2 for excavators as standard equipment. The ROPS cab has high shock absorption performance, featuring excellent durability and impact strength. It also satisfies the requirements of ISO OPG top guard level 1 (ISO 10262) for falling objects. There is Optional OPG level 2 guarding.

Robust T4 engine with 148 HP

With VGT turbo for engine response and heady duty aftertreatment.

Advanced Hydraulic System

  • High displacement hydraulic pumps provide high flow rates at reduced engine RPM for improved fuel efficiency.
  • A Closed Center Load Sensing hydraulic system ensures smooth operation, quick cycle times, and great multi-function while lowering fuel consumption.
  • Efficiency is further improved with a quick arm return valve and by reducing hydraulic loss within the control valve and hydraulic circuit.