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Quick Specs

Net Horsepower

115 HP / 86 kW at 2,100 rpm

Operating Weight

38,100 - 41,600 lb
17280 - 18860 kg

Bucket Capacity

0.48 - 1.24 yd³ / 0.37 - 0.95 m³

Digging Depth

20'6" / 6.25 m 


Top Features

Improved Performance and Lift Capacity

  • The Komatsu SAA4D107E-2 EPA Tier 4 Interim certified engine has a new 16 valve cylinder head with high efficiency combustion chamber design and high pressure common rail fuel injection to reduce emissions and lower fuel consumption by up to 10% when compared to the PC 160LC-8.

  • A Komatsu Variable Flow Turbocharger delivers optimum air flow under all speed and load conditions to improve low speed engine response.

  • An integrated muffler and Komatsu Diesel Oxidation Catalyst eliminates the need for a diesel particulate filter, provides 100% passive regeneration and does not require maintenance

  • A new reinforced revolving frame and heavier standard counterweight provides up to 5% greater lift capacity, an optional heavy counterweight provides up to 15% greater lift than the PC16LC-8.

  • The PC170LC-10 operating weight with standard counterweight is under 40,000 lbs allowing easy transportation with a tag trailer.

Advanced Hydraulic System

  • A closed center load sensing hydraulic system with quick arm return circuit improves efficiency and provides smooth operation, quick cycle times, and great multifunction operation while helping reduce fuel consumption.

  • A higher displacement hydraulic pump produces more flow at a lower engine rpm and allows operation at the most efficient engine speed.

  • Variable speed matching control optimizes engine and hydraulic performance across the entire speed and load range.

  • The PC 170LC-10 has 6 hydraulic working modes designed to match engine speed and pump output to work conditions. The monitor panel has more attachment settings and can operate certain attachments in economy mode to save fuel.

  • A standard pattern change valve makes it easy to switch from excavator to backhoe control patterns.

Improved Serviceability

  • New handrails on the upper structure provide a convenient and secure work area in front of the engine

  • A battery disconnect switch cuts electrical power to the machine during service or electrical work. Sealed connectors in the electrical harness and O-Ring face seal fittings in the hydraulic system improve machine reliability.

  • A fuel pre-filter with water separator and high efficiency duel element fuel filter provide improved filtration. An improved design dual element air filter can be cleaned and re-used up to 6 times. The engine oil and fuel filters have ground level access and are conveniently located for easy maintenance.

  • A swing out cooler improves maintenance access to radiator cores.

  • Komatsu CARE complimentary scheduled maintenance program provides 3 year or 2,000 hour coverage by factory certified technicains using Komatsu Genuine parts and fluids (Low ash engine oil required)

Ergonomic Cab Design

  • The cab has an integrated ROPS (ISO 12117-2) design and a reinforced cab structure. 

  • An automatic climate control system and high back air suspension operator seat with seat heater provides improved comfort. Console mounted armrests slide independently or together with the seat. Both seat and console arm rests move up and down when travelling over rough terrain.

  • 2 12V power outlets are standard and an auxiliary input allows the operator to connect a device such as an MP3 player to hear sound through speakers installed in the cab.

  • A high resolution color LCD monitor panel displays vehicle information and provides integrated control of machine functions with easy navigation screens, and enhanced diagnostic capability.

  • A rearview monitoring system with a wide landscape display and one camera is standard allowing the operator to view directly behind the machine.

Reliable Machine Design

  • All major components are designed and manufactured by Komatsu to optimize the integration of engine and hydraulic system performance for maximum machine efficiency

  • The work equipment features Komatsu designed hydraulic cylinders and large one piece castings in the boom foot, boom tip, arm tip and bucket power link

  • Sealed connectors in the electrical harness and O-RIng face seal fittings in the hydraulic system improve machine reliability.

  • The Komatsu Equipment Management Monitoring System monitors vital vehicle information and displays abnormalities and diagnostic codes on the monitor.

  • Komatsu's latest technology KOMTRAX system provides GPS location, fuel, hours and vehicle performance information wirelessly to the web or a Komatsu smart phone app to aid in better machine management. Komatsu's Advanced diagnostic system does not require a laptop or additional software to use