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Quick Specs

Net Horsepower

24.4 HP / 18.2 kW at 2200 rpm

Operating Weight

Canopy: 7,993 lb / 3625 kg
Cab: 8,324 lb / 3775 kg

Bucket Capacity

0.07 - 0.24 yd³ / 0.055 - 0.18 m³

Digging Depth

11’4” / 3455 mm


Top Features

Power and Performance

Powered by Komatsu 3D88E-7 Tier 4 Final compliant engine features high pressure electronic fuel injection and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).  No Diesel Exhaust Fluid or selective catalytic reduction system is required.  All daily maintenance items are access from the right side of the machine.

High engine and hydraulic efficiencies work together to provide up to a 5% fuel savings compared to the former PC35MR-3.

Extensive use of steel castings adds durability and strength for a long service life.

Auto idle and auto idle shut down systems help reduce nonproductive idle time and help reduce fuel consumption.

Minimum Swing Radius

The PC35MR-5 short tail swing design with swing boom is designed to fit into confined spaces.

The swing boom allows the machine to excavate and trench alongside walls or buildings.

A rounded outside corner cab/cab design allows the upper structure to revolve within the same radius as the counterweight without worry of contacting jobsite obstructions.

Operator Comfort

Standard ROPS and OPG Level 1 compliant canopy has no structures in front of the operator for excellent work area viewing.

An Optional ROPS and OPG Level 1 compliant enclosed and climate controlled ROPS cab provides a comfortable four season operator environment.

A midrise adjustable seat with pilot joysticks, wrist rests and 3” seat belt are standard.

Full color 3.5” LCD monitor provides machine information and makes selecting machine setting easy.

Simple and Convenient Maintenance

A tilt up cab platform and large service compartment doors provide help simplify daily inspection periodic maintenance. The tilting platform provides unimpeded access to the engine and hydraulic components.

Komtrax level 5 telematics system provides GPS location, fuel, hours and vehicle performance information wirelessly to or a smart phone.

Komatsu advanced diagnostic system does not require a laptop or additional software to use.

Komatsu Equipment Management Monitoring System (EMMS) displays abnormality and maintenance information on the monitor screen to help prevent a minor problem from becoming a major one.

Maintenance intervals are monitored and easily displayed in the monitor.


A longer boom, arm and heavier counterweight gives the PC35MR-5 greater dumping height and over the side stability for loading into dump trucks and applications requiring lifting over the side.

Standard auxiliary hydraulic system with one way and two way flow extends versatility by simplifying installation of a wide range of hydraulic attachments and hammers.

A standard ISO/Backhoe pattern change valve simplifies changing control patterns to suit different operator preferences.

A standard blade for light dozing and backfilling also improves digging and lifting stability.

Two rubber and one steel track design provide a wide range of undercarriage options for work on asphalt/concrete surfaces, construction sites or rough ground.

Major components are built to high Komatsu quality standards and designed to work together for maximum hydraulic and performance efficiency.