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Quick Specs

Net Horsepower

436 HP / 325 kW @ 1800 rpm

Operating Weight

140,456 - 145,284 lb / 63710 - 65900 kg

Bucket Capacity

2.05 - 4.98 yd3 / 0.68 - 3.81 m3

Digging Depth

30’5” / 9.2 m


Top Features

Powerful Tier 4 Final Engine

  • The 15.2-liter Komatsu SAA6D140E-7 engine has 436 Net hp. The engine has an increase of 7 horsepower over the previous model and improves fuel efficiency up to 6%.
  • Variable geometry turbo uses a hydraulic actuator to deliver optimum airflow under all speed and load conditions to improve low engine response. Water cooled bearing design helps extend turbo life.
  • A Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) reduces particulate matter and NOx using 98% passive regeneration.
  • The DEF tank has a sight gauge and is in an easy to access lockable compartment. The large capacity tank is designed to operate for up to two full tanks of fuel before refilling. The DEF pump and filter are separated from the tank for improved maintenance access
  • Cooling system capacity has increased 27% over the previous model for improved cooling performance.

Performance Features

  • Designed for high production loading of 30-40-ton haul trucks.
  • Dual swing motors and arm quick arm return circuit provide fast cycle times under heavy loads
  • With the 25’2” boom and 17’1” arm the PC650LC-11 has the best in class digging depth capabilities. This configuration is ideal for pipeline work by providing digging depths up to 33’7”.
  • Standard boom and arm holding valves provide superior drift control when lifting heavy structures.

Hydraulic features

  • An open center load sensing system (OLSS) balances hydraulic pump pressure and flow to allow smooth multi-function regardless of load.
  • 3 selectable working modes adjusts machine response for different job requirements.
  • Power max button increases digging forces by up to 6.5% for up to 8 seconds.
  • Two boom modes provide either maximum boom down pressure for heavy digging or reduced boom down pressure for easy trench/bench floor cleaning and hammer applications

Quiet and Comfortable Cab

  • A reinforced cab structure that conforms to OPG top guard level 1 (ISO 10262). Sound deadening materials and viscous cab mounts help maintain a quiet and comfortable operating environment.
  • An automatic climate control system and heated high back air suspension operator seat provides improved comfort. Console mounted adjustable armrests slide independently or together with the seat. The 7” LCD color monitor panel incorporates a new default split display mode showing rear view camera and key gauges.
  • A rearview monitoring system with one camera is standard and allows the operator to view directly behind the machine.  KOMVISION is an option that provides an additional 3 cameras to provide the operator with a birds-eye view of the machine. This camera option improves operational and situational awareness on the jobsite.
  • KOMTRAX level 5 telematics system is provided for the life of the machine without any monthly subscription fees.  KOMTRAX transmits valuable information such as location, utilization, and maintenance records to a PC or smartphone app.  KOMTRAX also provide advanced machine troubleshooting capabilities by continuously monitoring machine health.


  • Swing out radiator guard door provides access to clean trapped debris on coolers and removable debris screens.
  • Electric operated grease gun equipped with 36ft. hose reel provides easy access to machine’s greasing points. Greasing system includes an indicator to monitor grease levels and accepts up to 5-gallon grease buckets.
  • New handrails have been added on the upper structure to provide a convenient work area in front of the engine.
  • Service points are grouped for convenience and filters are accessible from ground level.


  •  Machine design allows for low transport height and reduces transportation costs.
  • Removing bucket (5,000-8000lbs) and counterweight (23,496-26,345 lb.) reduces transport weight down to 105,000 lb. (Actual weight may vary with different work equipment and attachments).
  • Counterweight remover option simplifies the process of machine transportation by providing a convenient way of removing the counterweight without the use of a crane.
  • Comes standard with a variable track gauge. Track gauge will adjust from 8’6” to 10’10” to provide narrow trailer loading capabilities or increased machine stability over the side.