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Quick Specs

Net Horsepower

290 HP / 216 kW @ 1600 rpm

Operating Weight

56,240 – 60,400 lb
25510 kg – 27397 kg

Bucket Capacity

5.5 - 6.0 yd³ / 4.2 - 4.6 m³

Tipping Load Straight

45,283 lb / 20,540 kg

Top Speed

23.6 mph / 38.0 kph


Top Features

High Performance Powertrain

The WA475-10 reduces emissions, speeds up response and reduces fuel consumption.* Its Komatsu Tier 4 Final engine has 18 more hp, and features Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Komatsu Variable Geometry Turbocharger (KVGT), cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), and an advanced electronic control system. Its Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) provides automatic regeneration that does not interfere with daily operation.

The WA475-10 comes standard with all new, heavy duty, front and rear axles and can be optioned with low profile 775/65 R29 tires for added stability, especially on the new yard loader arrangement.

*All comparisions are made to WA470-8 unless otherwise stated.

Innovative Komatsu Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission (KHMT)

The WA475-10 utilizes a brand-new transmission technology. The Komatsu Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission (KHMT) divides the power from the engine into mechanical power (mechanical planetary transmission) and hydraulic power (HST). This division results in the ease-of-operation of an HST with the efficiency of a mechanical transmission, and the engine speed of the WA475-10 is maintained at a lower, more consistent RPM. Fuel efficiency (tons/liter) is increased by up to 30% and fuel savings (l/hr) are increased up to 17%.

The innovative new transmission dramatically reduces brake wear by using the transmission to slow travel when the operator backs off the travel pedal or reduces maximum speed on the travel control dial during downhill operation. The hill hold assist feature will hold the machine on an incline without the operator applying the brake pedal. This feature simplifies operation and reduces wear on the brakes.

Increased productivity, reduced fuel consumption

The innovative control system of the KHMT optimizes travel acceleration, traction force and the power for the work equipment, which allows the WA475-10 to achieve high productivity and low fuel consumption.

The operator can choose between E-Mode for normal applications to reduce fuel consumption or P-Mode with the dual-mode engine power select system.  The bucket fill rate, climbing speed, and maximum vehicle speed are the same whether in E-mode or P-mode, making the WA475-10 highly desirable for multiple applications.

Variable displacement piston pumps with closed-center load sensing system deliver only as much hydraulic flow as the job requires to improve fuel economy.

Komatsu’s new bucket design utilizes convex shaped side plates that help keep material from spilling out.  A longer bucket jaw and a slanted bottom with a gentle radius help penetrate a pile and fill the bucket with less resistance.

The WA475-10 utilizes a standard, large bore bucket cylinder that provides the loader with a 20% increase in boom lift force and an 8% increase in break out force. The WA475-10 does not require a special bucket cylinder for larger Komatsu buckets or logging applications because the cylinder is equivalent in diameter to the logging cylinder of its predecessor.

Operator Environment

With feedback from our customers, the operator’s cabin has been completely redesigned. The large cab offers a quiet and pressurized work environment. Additional glass in the bottom of the cab, doors, and rear enhances visibility during operation. A standard steering wheel or new optional Advanced Joystick Steering System (AJSS) provide operators with choices.

The cab features an ergonomically designed layout of machine control switches on the right pillar. These easy-to-reach, frequently used switches are positioned at eye level, allowing operators to keep their field of vision forward towards the work environment. A high-resolution color monitor enables fast, accurate viewing of operational information and has been placed conveniently in line with the exterior cab mirrors. The operator can check operational information, such as fuel consumption, working and idling hours, view ecology guidance recommendations, or perform many other functions quickly and easily using the new command selector to move though the monitor tabs.

The WA475-10 features new, patented, independent work equipment controls that no longer require the operator to use the accelerator pedal to control the speed of the work equipment. The speed of the work equipment has been simplified and is controlled by the position of the lever to help reduce brake wear and operator fatigue.

Other standard features such as Bluetooth® ready radio and full LED light package enhance the cab.

Komatsu Quality Maintenance KOMTRAX

The WA475-10 is covered by Komatsu CARE, Komatsu’s complimentary maintenance program that provides scheduled factory maintenance for the first 2,000 hours or three years, which can lower owning and operating costs. KOMTRAX monitors machine utilization, fuel consumption, working modes, KDPF regeneration and generates e-mail notifications of important maintenance events.

The WA475-10 engine compartment is laid out for easy serviceability. Filters, dipsticks, oil fill locations and the KDPF are well-located for easy access without having to raise the standard one-piece hood. Equipped with standard extended full-front and rear fenders, the rear fenders lift with the engine hood for wide open access to the engine compartment. The large capacity cooling fan swings open for easier access to clean the coolers. It features widely spaced cooling fins and a standard auto-reversing fan to reduce clogging.

** Photos may include optional equipment.
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